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Our Data & Advisory team can build customer reports focused on market intelligence, company benchmarking, cost studies, whitepapers and more.

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Global upstream 2018 M&A falls to $132 billion

Despite signs of stability in the 2018 O&G markets, overall global M&A upstream spend was at its lowest in a decade at $132 billion. North American deals dominated with 71% of M&A activity.

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Corporate Guidance 2019

This specialized guidance report summarizes the top 10 key trends in 2019 guidance, as reported in company announcements published from mid-November 2018 to Jan. 25, 2019.

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Methane Management

The oil and gas industry is responsible for 42 per cent of methane released into the atmosphere, says Environment Canada, so reducing emissions from industry facilities has great potential to further position Alberta as a clean energy supplier in the future.How can we accelerate progress and thrive in a more competitive, low carbon future?

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Cutting Costs, Cutting Emissions

The global energy ecosystem is transitioning to lower a carbon future in an effort to battle climate change, presenting opportunities and challenges for Alberta's energy producers and suppliers. Learn more about the Energy.AI workshop and the key recommendations by downloading the post report today!

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Digital Disruption: Adapting to an Era of Rapid Digitization

Digitalization of the energy industry will have a profound effect on aspects of operational efficiency, capital, operating and general and administrative cost reduction, and environmental performance, presenting both risk and opportunity to Canada's oil and gas sector. PTAC’s Digital Disruption workshop highlighted the potential and challenges digitalization offers. Learn more by downloading the post report today.

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Going Global 2018

This free Going Global report provides intelligence about 16 key export markets for oil and gas technology and services that account for 2/3 of the global revenue opportunity.

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Oilweek 2018 Top 100: An Uneven Recovery

Integrated operators found their footing in 2017, while gas producers stumbled

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Montney vs. Deep Basin

Which of Canada's two biggest natural gas resource plays has the edge? This study compares companies with the majority of their production in the Montney and in the Deep Basin.

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Uncovering real approaches to industry-wide collaboration

An Inspired Conversation: Uncovering real approaches to industry-wide collaboration This report offers solutions and recommendations for oil & gas operators, suppliers, industry groups and government.