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Get your message in front of the right audience so your company can be known for more than your logo.  Build your company brand by connecting with your clients and partners in a way that inspires action.

Your Buying/Selling Process Starts by Generating Awareness

Every client, every buyer and seller will go through all the stages in the process before making a decision to purchase a good or service.  

The speed and depth of interaction will vary considerably depending on the product or the client themselves but a single universal truth remains:

No one ever buys something they don’t know existed.

Start by building awareness and interest in your company and how you can help them solve problems.  

But before you spend any money, understand WHAT MESSAGE you want to deliver TO WHO and WHERE the people are you want to target.

JWN Reach and Distribution

JWN has the broadest and deepest reach in the energy sector of any organization in Canada.  Period.

50% Increased Distribution

Oilweek 2016 vs 2015

90%+ Renewal Rate

Daily Oil Bulletin Subscriptions


Magazines distributed annually


Unique Page Views


Unique Readers

29% Open Rate

Daily Oil Bulletin email

40,000 COSSD Guides

Delivered annually to Service & Supply Companies

10,000 Attendees

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The Most Trusted Brands

JWN publications and services are trusted by more Canadian energy professionals than any other provider.  Our research, data, and original content set us apart from other publications and websites who simply report on the news of the day.  JWN goes beyond the headlines to uncover the relationships and connection behind the events affecting our industry.