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JWN is your trusted partner for over 75 years

We are energy professionals who provide the information, insight and analysis you need to stay informed and understand what’s happening in our industry.  We go beyond the headlines and news releases to uncover the relationship between individual events and the broader market so you can connect with your clients and grow your business.


Being an informed professional means knowing more than facts and statistics. It requires an understanding of what’s happening and why. Energy professionals at every level in an organization use our resources to go beyond the news headlines and truly understand the people and events that are shaping the industry and impacting their business.


Everyone needs to build relationships that help them become better professionals and grow their business. That means connecting with people and organizations that have new ideas or perspectives. We build and foster those connections across the industry by leveraging our reach and understanding of the market to bring professionals together around the most important issues of the day.


Growing your business is more than just winning another deal. It’s about managing your growth for long-term success and building relationships with clients and partners. That means knowing where the opportunities are and how to position your company for success. Our clients use information to make better decisions about how to grow their business then leverage our reach to get their message heard.

Integrated Marketing Solutions from JWN

Integrated marketing solutions for every market, every business. From Brand Building to Data & Intelligence and Special Events.

JWN marketing specialists will work with you to build a campaign that fits your need and budget.  We work with companies of all sizes to identify the best ways to get your message to the people that matter most. 

JWN Solution Families

Choose elements from one or more of our solution families to make your campaign as unique as your business.  We have programs to fit every budget and any segment of the energy industry.

Brand Building & Awareness -- make sure your company is KNOWN and POSITIONED among your target audience of Users, Key Influencers and Decision Makers.  JWN has the broadest and deepest reach into the energy industry of any organization because we serve the entire industry, from Producers to Mid-streams and all the Service & Supply companies who help them.

Data Services & Advisory -- JWN has the most extensive data gathering and analytics service in Canada.  Our researchers and analysts ensure the information we collect is accurate, timely, and from sources you can trust.  Then we go further by providing insight, analysis, and tools to help you understand and identify the important relationships behind the data.

Events & Conferences -- JWN events are by invitation or paid attendance only.  We don't host tradeshows for the masses.  We produce events that are directly targeted at a specific audience and supported by our research, editorial, and industry partners on the most important and relevant issues facing the energy industry.  

Brand Building & Awareness

Advertising Solutions

Print & Digital Advertising Get your message in front of the right audience so your company can be known for more than your logo. Build your company brand by connecting with your clients and partners in a way that inspires action.

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Event Sponsorship

Reach your exact target audience by sponsoring a unique JWN event that attracts people who want to learn more about a specific topic or industry issue. Our events integrate print/digital advertising and cross-promotion with other activities, including our original editorial content, to maximize the effectiveness.

Research & Advisory Reports

Leverage JWN's expertise and understanding of the energy industry to create a one-of-a-kind Report that can place your company at the center of the conversation. JWN can help you identify the most appealing topic, conduct the research, analyze the data, and write the final report. Our marketing experts can then build a communication/promotion plan that will drive attention and activity to the report so that you can connect with the most important people in the industry -- your customers.

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Oilweek is the premiere energy industry publication in Canada. Oilweek provides you with insight & analysis of the latest trends in the Canadian oilpatch plus a view on the technology that is making it happen. With a focus on the upstream industry, inside you’ll find articles and insights on the unconventional oil and gas, light tight oil, and unconventional natural gas business. We cover the changing regulatory, environmental, economic and financial landscape is impacting the industry as a whole and how industry leaders are adapting.

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Heavy Oil & Oilsands Guidebook

The annual playbook for one of Canada’s most important and dynamic industries, The Heavy Oil & Oilsands Guidebook examines heavy oil and oilsands development and its influencing factors holistically, providing an invaluable and unique reference tool to guide strategic decisions in this sector.

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Data Services & Advisory

Daily Oil Bulletin

Provides the deepest source of energy industry insight, analysis, data, and tools that help energy professionals understand what's happening in market activity and identify opportunities. Original content from JWN editors and analysts go beyond the headlines to provide a connection between what's happening and why. Use the new DOB Project Opportunity database to identify new prospects for drilling, small projects, facility turnarounds, pipelines, Oilsands projects, and more.

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Fast, accurate, complete annual & quarterly data & analysis transforms your ability to analyse and compare the performance of Canada's exploration and production companies. The CanOils M&A database tracks all corporate and asset deals affecting TSX or TSX-V listed exploration and production companies - updated daily. CanOils' unique Oilsands service tracks all the projects and companies active in this crucial sector. CanOils Company Financings database tracks all company debt and equity financings in the Canadian E&P market

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Research & Advisory Services

Leverage JWN's expertise and understanding of the energy industry to place your company at the center of the conversation. JWN can help you identify the most appealing topic, conduct the research, analyze the data, and write the final report. Our marketing experts can then build a communication/promotion plan that will drive attention and activity to the report so that you can connect with the most important people in the industry -- your customers.

POST Report

The POST Report (Project Opportunity Sourcing & Tracking) analyzes thousands of sources to uncover new projects on a daily basis. Track planned drilling projects by company and area before they are licensed. View new pipeline projects and maintenance work by area, value and company. Browse the latest facility projects with capacities, locations and planned duration. Get contact information for every tracked project The POST Report is the #1 resource to find new contracting opportunities for oil and gas construction. Some examples of the types of projects include new facilities, oilsands projects and pipeline projects, which are updated daily. Updated daily with progress, new leads and additional information.

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Oilfield Atlas

The 2016 Oilfield Atlas is your resource centre for thousands of facilities plus gas plants and pipelines --- all highlighted against detailed road maps of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. The DIGITAL ATLAS includes mapping tool that allows you to DEFINE, SEARCH and LOCATE facilities, gas plants and pipelines in western Canada and then customize and save your results. You can even overlay your own data sets. Your purchase includes both the Digital and Print edition.

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Rig Locator

Rig Locator keeps you up to date on the locations of Canada’s drilling rigs, as a report and online mapping tool. For each member of the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC), we list all the rigs and show you where they are, who is operating them, and the types of wells being drilled. This product is updated twice daily, to ensure that the latest information is available.

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Data Central

Data Central is your one-stop shop for the pulse on the key statistics and trends from Canada’s oilpatch. There are four segments of information, which are: energy statistics, daily well licence report, daily well licence download, and weekly drilling report.

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Events & Conferences

Webinar Series

Webinar Series events are live, interactive online presentations where oil and gas experts explore timely and relevant issues pertaining to the energy sector. Webinars are hosted on pre-selected dates and run up to one hour in length. During the live event, participants can interact with the presenters and content from the comfort of their own space.

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Speaker Series

Each Speaker Series event presents a valuable opportunity to display your company’s presence and brand, front and centre, to your target audience— informed professionals in Canada’s exploration, production, and service and supply sectors. This allows the association of your brand not only with innovation, dialogue and the advancement of the event’s topic, but also with the trusted editorial and data provided by JWN’s suite of rich information products.

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Canadian Energy Forum

The Canadian Energy Forum is the country’s largest conference and tradeshow exclusively dedicated to improving the competitiveness of petroleum production through excellence in supply chain and project management, technical innovation and collaborative construction. This annual event will take place October 20, 2016 at the Telus Convention Centre in Calgary, AB.

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JWN Partner/Industry Events

JWN is a critical partner to virtually all of the industry's most important associations, including CAPP, EPAC, PSAC, PTAC, COSIA, CHOA, SCMA, CSUR, CCMC, CME, COAA, CAODC, RISA the Government of Alberta-BC-SK, SAIT, NAIT, and the Chambers of Commerce for Calgary, Edmonton, and Leduc-Nisku. We are often called upon as Presenters to provide key insights or perspective on the most important topics and issues. Our participation extends beyond the event itself and includes Editorial coverage and communication across the industry to professionals of all levels through our print-digital-web platforms.

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