Data Central

Data Central is your hub to access key statistics and trends from Canada’s oilpatch. This includes four main segments, which give you the information you need to analyze trends, assist with planning and provide data for your internal discussions. 

The four segments include:

1. Energy Statisticsprovides you with comprehensive information on key metrics for oil and gas producers on a monthly and quarterly basis. We can show you who the top operators are by province, completions and metres drilled. Our metrics include:

  • Company snapshots
  • Drilling exploration
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Financial data for Oil and Gas Producers and Service and supply
  • Land sales
  • Oil and gas exports
  • Production
  • Prices 
  • Pipelines
  • Reserves
  • Top performers (financial, production, reserves)

2. Daily Well Licencesis a list of the wells licensed that day (as well as the daily archive) as a grid (which is possible to receive in PDF format). You can also view it by operator and location. The report provides you with the following information:

  • Unique Well Identifier (UWI)
  • Surface location
  • Class
  • Objective (oil, gas, bitumen)
  • Elevation
  • Licence number
  • Well Name
  • Coordinates 
  • Projected Zone
  • Projected Depth
  • Operator

3. Daily Well Licences Download provides you with the details included in the Daily Well Licences report and more (including latitude and longitutdes, coordinates, area, and mineral rights) with the ability to download the list as an Excel or CSV file. This reduces the time needed to search, sort and import the data into your own records.

4. Weekly Drilling Reports feed into our Daily Oil Bulletin as a report for all of the wells drilled in that week, along with the:

  • Location
  • Class of well
  • Well name
  • Projected depth
  • Contractor
  • Rig Number
  • Status
  • Total depth (final depth)