InPlay Oil Corp. Announces Annual Meeting Voting Results for Election of Directors

CALGARY, Alberta, July 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InPlay Oil Corp. (TSX: IPO) ("InPlay" or the "Corporation") announced today the voting results for the election of directors at its annual meeting of shareholders held on June 28, 2019 (the "Meeting").  The following six nominees were elected as directors of InPlay to serve until the next annual meeting of shareholders or until their successors are elected or appointed, with common shares represented at the Meeting voting in favour of individual nominees as follows:

DirectorPercentage ApprovalPercentage Withheld
Douglas J. Bartole99.89%0.11%
Jackie Bentley99.95%0.05%
Craig Golinowski99.91%0.09%
Dennis L. Nerland99.78%0.22%
Stephen C. Nikiforuk99.91%0.09%
Dale O. Shwed99.90%0.10%

For complete voting results, please see our Report of Voting Results which is available through SEDAR at

InPlay is based in Calgary, Alberta and the common shares of InPlay are traded on The Toronto Stock Exchange under the trading symbol "IPO". For further information about the Corporation, please visit our website at

For further information please contact:

Doug Bartole
President and Chief Executive Officer
InPlay Oil Corp.
Telephone: (587) 955-0632
Darren Dittmer
Chief Financial Officer
InPlay Oil Corp.
Telephone: (587) 955-0634


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