ESG: Access to capital and delivering best practice. Exclusive insights and next steps drawn from our latest ESG survey of Canadian oil and gas producers.

On-Line Event

Please join us on July 10 for a free presentation and discussion on ESG investment perspective in the Canadian oil and gas industry.

energy THEN & NOW - Free Speaker Series


Propelling the future of energy by way of the past.

Hedging update: North American oil producers – Free Webinar


Join Evaluate Energy and the Daily Oil Bulletin for a free webinar. Gain insights into Q1 analysis in this insightful 30-minute webinar from our senior analysts.

Forecasting the Covid-19 impact on future global oil demand – exclusive insights from Evaluate Energy -Free Webinar

Gain insights into changes in oil demand, recovery scenarios, government actions and impacts, and which regions are going to see demand improve quickest.

Hedging update: Assessing the impact of today’s low prices – Free Webinar


Gain fresh insight into contract pricing and changing E&P oil and gas hedging trends in this insightful 30-minute webinar from Evaluate Energy analysts.

Webinar: Canadian LNG: Natural Gas Supply Chain

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Join JWN Energy and our partners as oil & gas executives share essential insights on the Supply Chain opportunities for Canada's natural gas sector.

Webinar - Going Global - New Insights in Transportation and Logistical Solutions

On-line event

This webinar will provide you with a new understanding of the resources accessible to exporters when dealing with the movement of goods and services outside Canada.

Webinar: Predictive AI Forecasting and Environmental Monitoring to Prevent Asset Impact Events

Advancements in Predictive AI Forecasting make it possible to predict how weather systems can damage assets up to 7 days in advance.