Making connections: Amplifying stakeholder engagement to drive ESG excellence


Environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns and the sustainability of oil and gas companies have become a major focus of investors, governments, regulators, indigenous communities and the public.

Please join JWN Energy and Salesforce at this webinar to explore excellence in stakeholder management. The panel will explore a wide range of topics ranging from defining engagement strategy to the deployment of technology to successfully support engagement excellence.

Methane Emissions Management (MEM) - Live Course

On-line Live Course

Methane emissions in Canada continue to decline but there remain significant opportunities for further reductions. The CERI Methane Emissions Management (MEM) course is targeted at executive and senior managers responsible for the natural gas portfolio. 

ESG Fundamentals for Oil and Gas Producers

On-line Live Course

a world where climate is dominating not only the public conversation but also access to capital, energy companies can no longer ignore ESG issues. It’s difficult to know where to start. In this session you will learn what ESG is and isn’t, why ESG reporting has become so important, and the key distinctions between disclosure frameworks.  

This session is designed to help you speak skillfully about ESG to investors, your Board and executive team, and other stakeholders. You will have a solid grasp on the players in the industry and how they interact in ways that can impact your company, whether the company is public or private.   

This live course is delivered by Rosa Rivero of Responsibility Matters, in partnership with JWN Energy and the Daily Oil Bulletin.