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2020 Energy Excellence Awards

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Daily Oil Bulletin

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2020 Energy Excellence Awards

During these highly volatile times, the Daily Oil Bulletin's Energy Excellence Awards identify the essential work companies are doing to meet industry challenges – with a special focus on project execution, technical innovation, export capabilities and environmental performance. 

We will be hosting a series of panel discussions to both honour these companies and discuss what will define excellence going forward.  

Here are the special presentation dates and topics:  

May 13-15, 2020  

Project Execution Excellence

  • Industry Accelerators  
  • Oil & Gas  
  • Oilsands  

May 20-22, 2020  

Innovation & Technology Excellence  

  • Digital Oilfield 
  • Drilling through Completions 
  • Production  

May  27-29, 2020  

Environmental Excellence  

  • Cleantech: Land  
  • Cleantech: Water  
  • Cleantech: Air (GHG)  

June 3-5, 2020  

Exporting Excellence  

  • Advanced Technologies  
  • Cleantech Products/Services  
  • Oilfield & Professional Service 
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