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energy THEN & NOW - Free Speaker Series

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energy THEN & NOW - Free Speaker Series

Join JWN Energy, the Energy Futures Lab and Energyphile for a presentation and panel discussion on:

Technological Advancements: (how to continue to drive for efficiency, safety improvements, regulatory, community building  and environmental gains despite harsh economic, political pressures) 

Collaboration/Partnerships: (how to develop best practices as it relates to indigenous and government partnerships, supply chain collaboration and special community investments) 

Operational Integrity: (how to ensure operators and their suppliers are keeping safety activations, environmental stewardship, diversity/inclusion and financial resilience top of mind and on the radar of key interest groups) 

ESG Operatives: (how to keep improving as it relates to air quality issues, water treatment/usage, land preservation- despite harsh economic, political pressures) 


  • Joy Romero, VP, Technology & Inovation
  • Peter Tertzakian, Executive Director of ARC Energy Research Institute.
  • Liz Lappin, VP Corporate Affairs and Exploration, E3 Metals Corp
  • Steve Saddleback, Director, National Energy Business Centre of Excellence, Indian Resource Council of Canada
The event is free to attend but you are required to register.