Avatar helping to build new energy future

Editor’s note: Click here to read our conversation with Kevin Krausert, CEO and co-founder of Avatar Innovations Inc.

Leadership is foundational to vision.

Throw in entrepreneurship, collaboration and capital and the vision starts to rapidly define itself.

And when that vision is about creatively tackling the complexities of energy transition, the underlying business leadership model must be one that is sufficiently future-focused to progressively pull the “present” along with it.

That’s Avatar Innovations Inc. — a new entity that is all about redefining the future of energy and leading toward that future. Key to that premise is birthing a new take on “ecosystem” — in this case, one that contemplates helping oil and gas companies deal with future challenges and opportunities by collaboratively helping them take better advantage of their existing strengths and human capital. It rounds up the ecosystem approach by creatively linking academia to the solutions-build.

The Avatar model brings together three important components into an integrated program: 

  • Avatar Ignite, which brings emerging professionals together to work in cross-functional teams to generate new business ideas to industry challenges.
  • Avatar Accelerator, which takes early-stage solutions and partners them with customers, capital and expertise to create investor-ready business opportunities.
  • Avatar Ventures, which provides access to capital to launch and scale carbon-tech start-ups.

Avatar fills a critical gap in the energy innovation ecosystem by working with large oil and gas firms to champion solutions from within by engaging their staff. It creates a safe “third space” for energy companies and academia to collaborate and unlock new business opportunities. 

It’s a multi-faceted approach to solving the energy sector’s most challenging problems.

Avatar works with industry to create and implement groundbreaking energy innovations, placing them at the forefront of energy transition.

Through local expertise and deep relationships in the energy sector, Avatar Innovations serves as a mechanism to empower the energy industry as major innovators and contributors to the global energy transition. And last week, Avatar took another major step forward: It will be an important linchpin in the recently announced Energy Transition Centre in downtown Calgary. Funded federally by $2.1 million, the Centre will help small- and medium-sized businesses focus on cleantech development.

The Centre is a joint effort between Avatar and the University of Calgary, from which the first iteration of the Avatar program was initiated.

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