Calling all pipeline employees: Take the PetroLMI COVID-19 Pandemic Labour Market Impact Survey and enter to win $1,000

The PetroLMI division of Energy Safety Canada is surveying oil and gas industry employees to gain insight into how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting work practices and productivity across all industry occupations, and what changes to previous work practices employees expect as the country emerges from public health restrictions.

PetroLMI is also gathering data on whether shifts in work practices resulting from the pandemic are creating demand for new skill sets within the industry, and what employment opportunities workers may be investigating to leverage existing skills. This survey was funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program.

Part one of this survey is focused how industry work practices and productivity have changed as workers and their employers have responded to public health restrictions.

Part two of the survey is designed to gain an understanding of how workers feel about returning to work and what actions employers can take to answer their concerns and ensure their safety.

Part three examines what skills workers believe will be in demand and what training will be necessary to meet this demand. It also asks workers whether they will be seeking employment in different sub-sectors or industries where their skills are in demand.

The survey is open to all oil and gas industry workers currently employed, temporarily laid off (furloughed) and currently unemployed. It should take around 20 minutes to complete and to thank you for your time and input, upon full completion of this survey, you will be entered into a draw for $1000.

To take the survey, click here: