​Oil & Gas Hedging Analysis – Review and download today

Evaluate Energy has boosted its coverage of global upstream hedging heading into the Q2 2020 reporting season for oil and gas producers.

The pandemic, oil price crash and demand downturn continues to affect oil and gas producers. Hedging analysis is incredibly important to identify companies best positioned to negotiate future price and demand uncertainty.

A summary of our expanded product offering, which now includes the power of the new Evaluate Energy Documents tool, is below.

Evaluate Energy Hedging

During the Q2 reporting season, we’ll be updating our popular hedging database with all new hedging positions for every global upstream producer according to their latest results releases.

Key user benefits:

  • Review standardized, comparable hedging data, normalized by commodity and currency
  • Track active hedging updates, prices and hedged volumes
  • Benchmark any company’s portfolio against earlier hedging positions or competitors

Q2 reporting season is already underway and the new hedging positions across the industry will provide key insight into how each and every producer has responded to the pressures of 2020.

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Based on data available in Q1 reports of 102 North American oil producers, Evaluate Energy Hedging showed that - at that time – those producers had covered 41% (3.1 million bbl/d) of their Q1 production levels over the next two years with fixed price swaps, collars and three-way collars.

Evaluate Energy Documents

Our latest product release allows even deeper analysis into the hedging positions of the world’s oil and gas producers.

Evaluate Energy Documents is a powerful search tool specifically designed for the oil and gas industry. It allows you to pinpoint – and download – highly specific information found inside thousands of company presentations.

For hedging analysis, the key user benefits of this new tool are:

  • Track hedging position updates outside of the usual quarterly reporting season.
  • Download highly specific and difficult-to-find information within minutes
  • All documents are indexed by experts and enhanced by interrelation energy industry keywords and algorithms
  • Our alert system lets you know as soon as a new document with hedging data has been added to Evaluate Energy Documents

For more information on Evaluate Energy Documents, click here.

One key example for hedging analysis that is improved by Evaluate Energy Documents would be finding the commodity price assumptions that companies have built their hedging portfolios around:

These pricing assumptions can often be hidden in notes to presentation slides or buried in pages and pages of text, charts and tables.

A quick search using Evaluate Energy Document tags finds the specific pages in the +5000 corporate presentations already in the system that hold this information

These pages are immediately available for download and analysis

Save this search for later for repeating whenever necessary, or simply set up an alert for whenever a new presentation is uploaded that fits this search criteria.

For more information on Evaluate Energy Documents, click here.

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