Vital methane emissions reduction insights offered in new course for oilpatch operators

Methane emissions in Canada continue to decline but there remain significant opportunities for further reductions. The CERI Methane Emissions Management (MEM) course is targeted at executive and senior managers responsible for the natural gas portfolio.

Registrants will gain an in-depth understanding of the regulatory nuances, technical options and cost implications associated with emissions management. This course also details how methane emissions are linked to global warming and the various mitigation options available.

This one-day course is delivered by the Canadian Energy Research Institute, in partnership with JWN Energy and the Daily Oil Bulletin. Click here for further course details.

Module 1: Introduction

  • Methane and Climate Change
  • Natural Gas Supply Chain

Module 2: Sources of Emissions

  • Source Categories
  • Upstream Sources
  • Midstream Sources
  • Downstream Sources
  • Release Mechanisms

Module 3: Methane Regulations in Canada

  • Federal
  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Saskatchewan

Module 4: Emissions Mitigation Technologies

  • By Release Mechanism
  • By Source Category
  • Abatement Costs

Module 5: Case Study

  • Sources and Mitigations
  • Upstream Sector Emissions
  • Project Scenarios
  • Abatement Costs
  • Total Costs

Module 6: Technology and Service Vendors

Click here for further course details

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