45,000 litres of oil spilled at Churchill Falls hydroelectric station in Labrador

An example of a hydroelectric plant Image: Wikipedia

Nalcor Energy says about 45,000 litres of oil spilled at the Churchill Falls hydroelectric plant switchyard in Labrador.

In a news release Thursday, the Newfoundland and Labrador energy corporation says the oil spilled from a transformer on Oct. 29 after a mechanical failure and a fire.

Original estimates from Nalcor said the transformer held roughly 53,000 litres.

In Thursday's release, the corporation says the transformer actually held 111,400 litres, but that 65,000 litres of the oil were recovered.

Nalcor says some of the estimated 45,000 litres spilled would have burned off in the fire, but it's impossible to tell how much.

Cleanup efforts are ongoing, and the corporation says there is no visible evidence of the oil in the Churchill River.

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