​New partnership looks to boost Canadian tech in $800B carbon capture and conversion market

Image: Joey Podlubny/JWN

A new partnership between CMC Research Institutes and Foresight Cleantech Accelerator looks to give a leg-up to Canadian entrepreneurs developing carbon capture and conversion technologies.

Foresight CEO Jeanette Jackson says interest in the carbon capture and conversion sector is trending, and there is an opportunity for Canada to step into a leadership role for exporting these technologies.

Entrepreneurs in Western Canada need to reduce time-to-market and ensure rapid and reliable validation of their technology to capitalize on a global market estimated at $800 billion, says CMCRI president and CEO Sandra Odendahl.

“Our partnership with Foresight allows us to support innovators to build and market these technologies,” Odendahl said in a statement.

“Foresight has expertise as a business accelerator while CMCRI offers capacity for technology testing and scale up. It’s a powerful combination.”

CMCRI has a facility in Richmond, B.C. for testing and developing technologies that capture carbon and convert it into commercial products like building materials, fuels and chemicals.

At its carbon capture and conversion centre, located in BC Research’s technology innovation facility, CMCRI experts work with clients to take innovations from the lab, scale them up, and prove them in a plug and play setting using real flue gas.

The company also operates a research station in southern Alberta for the development of CO2 and methane monitoring technologies, and assists companies with carbon management strategies to increase profit and reduce risk.

Foresight wants to work with CMCRI to build on interest in the carbon capture and conversion sector and turn Canada into a global supplier.

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