​CEEA top sponsor of BANC 33 1/3 charity concert featuring Emmylou Harris, Sass Jordan and Ellis Hall

The Canadian Energy Executive Association (CEEA) is proud to be the lead supporter of the Benevolent Artists National Charity’s (BANC) first-ever public fundraising evening, called “33 1/3” on Tuesday, October 29 at the Jack Singer Concert Hall in Calgary.

Sponsors of the event also include Airsprint, Revv52 and BANC, who have all come together to raise money for charity and to strengthen our communities through this once in a lifetime concert experience.

This concert will not only raise money for three charities: Indigenous Missing and Murdered, Bonapartes Animal Rescue (Nashville) and National Music Centre, but will be the first of many efforts by CEEA to bridge the gap between the energy industry, arts and entertainment and our Indigenous communities.

“The energy industry has done so much to support our various communities across the county, but we have not really taken the time to get to know people and build strong bridges between our communities,” says Scott Van Vliet, CEEA’s governor of industry and Indigenous engagement.

“We think that we’re doing all this wonderful good, but we are not getting to know the people or finding out who they are and what they truly need. As a result, there’s no connection, there’s no relationship - but in taking a leading role in this inaugural 33 1/3 BANC event, we look forward to starting to change all that,” Van Vliet told JWN.

“We can all learn a great deal from each other; all our industries are critical to ensuring healthy, vibrant communities, and we know from experience that we are stronger together.”

BANC is the brainchild of local Calgarian Jim Carter and all-star bassist Rudy Sarzo.

“The concert is called 33 1/3 because all profits are split three ways between three different charities. Over the last four years we have raised more than $3.3 million for charity through private concerts and live auction events,” comments Carter.

“It is our goal to raise $10 million for charity by 2021/2022. This October 29th event will be our first show that will be open to the public, and it is great to have leading organizations like CEEA show their support for it, and for our communities.”

33 1/3 welcomes 14-time Grammy award winner Emmylou Harris, ‘Canadian Queen of Rock’ Sass Jordan and music legend Ellis Hall to headline the event. Also joining them on stage will be Rudy Sarzo (The Guess Who, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Quiet Riot), Derek Sharp and Will Evankovich (The Guess Who), Pat Steward (Bryan Adams, The Odds), Ellis Hall (Tower of Power), Jim Carter, Erin Carter and producer Steve Rokosh, as well as Calgary's Revv52 and their 52-person choir.

“I really believe that if the energy sector, our Indigenous communities and the arts sector can come together with a common objective then we will get to truly know and understand each other better,” Van Vliet commented, “As a result, I believe we will not only be able to support each other in a more fulsome way but we will truly enable positive change in our communities for future generations.”

Tickets go on sale to the public on September 15; however, the event is now open for pre-sales to energy industry partners, Van Vliet said. To get your ticket, click here and enter the exclusive energy access code ‘OIL123’ in the promo code box.

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