​The top five Canadian oil and gas producers by operating netback

Image: Joey Podlubny/JWN

The results are in from the latest DOB/KPMG Top Operators report, and overall it’s a story of “little successes” for an industry that continues to face major headwinds.

When it comes to operating netback, or a company’s net revenue minus operating and transportation costs, on average the top 25 producers saw an increase of $4.79/boe in 2018 compared to 2017.

Here’s a look at the top publicly traded oil and gas companies by netback in 2018, and the operations with the biggest change year-over-year.

Download your free copy of the DOB/KPMG Top Operators report here.

To access the accompanying free Excel data file, email djaremko@jwnenergy.com.

NOTE: Royalty companies have been removed from this list as they have no operating or transportation costs and may skew results.

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