PSAC launches new scholarship program with Women Building Futures

Image: Women Building Futures

The Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC) is using money raised at its annual Working Energy Golf Classic to fund a new three-year scholarship partnership with Women Building Futures.

PSAC says that over the course of three years, an $18,000 contribution will be made from PSAC’s Education Fund to WBF’s Student Awards Program.

This is expected to support 3 to 12 women in their career journey annually.

The WBF Student Awards Program works to remove barriers faced by students and applicants by supporting the cost of living expenses, books, safety gear and tools.

“Many of WBF’s students are under-employed, work multiple jobs, and have difficulty making ends meet. Not only will PSAC’s contribution provide immediate financial relief, but it will ultimately enable many women to pursue careers in non-traditional fields, many of which exist in the oilfield services sector,” PSAC CEO Gary Mar said in a statement.

Women that come to WBF are often underemployed, which makes pursuing educational opportunities difficult, added stakeholder relations director Jacqueline Anderson.

“It is hard for anyone, especially if you are underemployed, to take 3 – 17 weeks out of your life to prepare for a career. Student awards help remove that barrier and make economic prosperity a reality for more women,” she said.