​Inter Pipeline places new SAGD pipeline into service for CNRL

Image: Joey Podlubny/JWN

Inter Pipeline says the connections for Canadian Natural Resources Limited’s new SAGD project are now up and running.

Inter Pipeline invested approximately $110 million to construct the diluent and bitumen blend pipeline connection to the new Kirby North SAGD facility.

It connects to Inter Pipeline’s existing infrastructure, increasing contracted capacity commitments by approximately 30,000 bbls/d and 8,000 bbls/d on its Cold Lake and Polaris pipeline systems, respectively.

The Kirby North pipeline was completed six months ahead of schedule and under budget, Inter Pipeline CEO Christian Bayle said in a statement.

Canadian Natural started building Kirby North in 2014 but put the project on hold in early 2015 due to deteriorating market conditions. Construction was restarted in late 2016, at which point the project's total capital cost was projected at $1.35 billion.

Steaming started on May 1, the company said.