​Ottawa pumps $275 million in LNG Canada infrastructure

Image: LNG Canada

Ottawa will spend $220 million to help fund energy efficient gas turbines for the LNG Canada project.

The federal government announced the funding on Monday, along with another $55 million to replace the Haisla Bridge in Kitimat.

The turbines will cut both greenhouse gas emissions and fuel use, while the new bridge will support and service increased traffic in the region, the government said.

"The Government of Canada is proud to support this historic $40 billion project that will get our resources to new markets, diversify our trade, grow our economy and create middle-class jobs for Canadians, including First Nations and other communities in northern British Columbia,” said Finance Minister Bill Morneau, who made the announcement in Kitimat.

“It's a vote of confidence in Canada's resource industry and is good news for Canadians right across the country."

The supports are coming from the government's Strategic Innovation Fund and Western Economic Diversification Canada.

The $40-billion LNG facility led by Shell was formally sanctioned in October 2018. Other partners include Petronas, PetroChina, Mitsubishi, and Korea Gas.

"The Government of Canada has enabled LNG Canada's development of the lowest carbon content LNG for export in the world today," LNG Canada CEO Andy Caltiz said.

"This secures thousands of high-paying jobs and billions in government revenues and demonstrates Canada is a place for major private sector investments. The Haisla Bridge is vital infrastructure linking the community of Kitimat to the sites and ports that will export LNG and aluminum to Asia. LNG Canada is pleased to have the Government of Canada step forward to support the community and the development of Canadian natural resource exports."

— Alaska Highway News

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