​C-69, C-48 passage brings Alberta closer to referendum on equalization: Kenney

Image: Jason Kenney/Twitter

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says Ottawa’s passage of Bills C-69 and C-48 is pushing the province towards a referendum on Canada’s economic equalization system.

In a statement Friday, Kenney said that passage of the tanker ban on B.C.’s north coast and the overhaul to the major project review process “not only undermines Canada’s economy, but also the Canadian federation.”

He stressed that both bills were passed against recommendations of their Senate review committees.

“After thousands of hours of study, the Senate transport committee determined that there was no defensible rationale for [Bill C-48],” Kenney said.

“Bill C-69, the ‘No More Pipelines Law,’ has been adopted with virtually none of the amendments proposed by the Government of Alberta, or industry groups. The Senate had commendably made 188 constructive amendments to the bill, which were subsequently stripped out by the Trudeau government in the House of Commons. The bill, in its final form, is opposed by nine of 10 provinces, almost every major industry group in Canada, and dozens of First Nations.

“The passage of these two bills…brings us closer to moving forward with a referendum on a constitutional amendment to eliminate equalization from the Canadian Constitution. If Albertans cannot develop our resources within the federation, then we should not be expected to pay the bills in the federation.”

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