Acceleware shows how RF heating can change the oilsands future – new whitepaper

Acceleware believes its RF XL heating technology will transform the heavy oil and oil production industries once commercialized.

This whitepaper describes the technical and operational details of RF XL, including:

  • How the technology works and why RF XL can heat and produce oil more efficiently from heavy oil and oil sands reservoirs;
  • Why RF XL can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and eliminate the need to use fresh water or solvent;
  • How it can reduce both operating and capital costs by 40% or more compared to steam assisted gravity drainage;
  • How Acceleware has developed and tested the technology over the past eight years; and
  • Why it has the ability to be commercialized quickly.

Download Acceleware's Whitepaper "How RF XL can Profitably Produce Oil Sands and Heavy Oil with Low Environmental Impacts" today!