Woodfibre LNG floats ‘flotel’ proposal for workers

Rendering of the proposed Woodfibre LNG project. Image: Woodfibre LNG

The company planning to build the Woodfibre LNG plant in Squamish, B.C. is floating the idea of a floating work camp to house construction site workers.

Woodfibre LNG has applied for an amendment to its environmental certificate to get permission to use a “flotel” to house workers.

“A floatel will address concerns we’ve heard from the community over the past year about the potential impacts of using land-based camps or rental housing at a time when the Squamish market is already tight,” said Woodfibre LNG president David Keane.

The idea is to use a floating barge anchored near the LNG plant site that would provide 400 to 600 beds to accommodate workers.

Not only would it mean not having to take up a footprint on land, the company said it would also reduce traffic.

In addition to up to 600 beds, the floatel would feature a kitchen, recreational areas, sewage collection, holding tanks, garbage collection, and a loading dock.

The capital cost of the Woodfibre LNG plant is estimated at $1.4 billion to $1.8 billion, and would require up to 650 workers at peak construction.

— Business in Vancouver

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