​Oil and gas rallies planned to continue with Regina Legislature on Jan. 8

Oil and gas support rally in Estevan, Saskatchewan in late December. Image: Brian Zinchuk/Pipeline News

Regina – Canada Action and Rally 4 Resources are holding a rally at the Legislature building in Regina on Tuesday, Jan. 8, at 11:45 a.m.

The event is being called “Rally in Regina for Canadian Resources.”

Cody Battershill, organizer for Canada Action, said on Jan. 2, “We are organizing a rally on Jan. 8 in Regina to support the Canadian natural resource sector. That includes agriculture, potash, uranium, oil and gas and pipelines.

“We know that resources are the bedrock of Canada’s national prosperity. There’s a lot of issues with pipelines and Canada not being competitive. We are making our voices heard, to make sure the entire country knows. We’re all Canadians, we’re all in this together, and we all win when the resources sector is strong.”

No need to bring your service rig or semi to the legislature, however. This is not a convoy. “We’re not doing a convoy. We’re just planning on doing a rally of humans, not a rally of trucks. We don’t want to disrupt normal life in the city.

“Everything we do is non-partisan. It’s positive. It’s respectful. It’s about resources, and it’s about the economy,” Battershill said.

It is expected that Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe will speak at the event.

This is not a “Yellow Vest” rally. Battershill pointed out Canada Action has been doing this since 2010, and it is all about Canada’s resources. To that end, he respectfully asked that participants not wear yellow vests, but instead wear their work coveralls.

— Pipeline News