​Alberta Indigenous groups, Sinopec propose new oilsands refinery

There’s a new oilsands refinery proposed for Alberta, backed by a partnership between Indigenous groups, Sinopec, China Construction and Edmonton-based Teedrum.

The joint venture, called SinoCan Global, announced on Friday it has selected Stantec Consulting Services to performing the regulatory review and permitting process for the project.

It would be located in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland.

Using approximately 167,000 bbls/d, the facility will produce a broad range of products for domestic and exporting consumption, the companies said in a statement. Gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel and basic chemicals would be shipped across Canada and to markets in the U.S. Northwest via existing pipelines, rail and to deepwater for export.

The development will be led by Teedrum, with investment and expertise from Sinopec and China Construction. Equity ownership will be held by the Alberta First Nations Energy Development Fund, generating revenue to support social and economic initiatives in Indigenous communities, the statement said.

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