Monetizing oil & gas’ biggest headache: wastewater

The oil industry is well-versed in the challenges of wastewater management. The “black gold” that oil operators pump from the ground is almost always accompanied by brackish water that’s not fit for drinking or other uses. This water, known as produced water, along with wastewater from other oil production processes, adds up to a major financial liability for oil companies. On average, for every barrel of oil produced in the U.S., the industry produces seven barrels of wastewater. The bustling oilfields of the Permian Basin in Texas produce 30 to 50 million barrels of wastewater per day, according to a Bloomberg estimate .

Rather than relying on regulation for guidance, oil and gas companies now have the opportunity to recover value from wastewater instead of just treating it for disposal. In so doing, businesses can build a consistent wastewater treatment program. New technology, like MGX and PurLucid’s nanoflotation-based filtration systems, are making circular economy -based solutions to industrial wastewater management possible. As more countries industrialize their economies and further strain freshwater resources, there is an economic case for industries to make investments in recovering value from wastewater, and many companies are already doing so — the growing global wastewater treatment market was estimated to be worth over $50 billion in 2016.

By recognizing the value in the water oil and gas companies produce and viewing wastewater management as an opportunity to recover resources, companies can create a new revenue source, reduce their environmental footprint and save money on disposal costs.

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MGX Minerals

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