Construction advances at Heartland Petrochemical Complex

Aerial view of construction at the Heartland Petrochemical Complex, July 6, 2018. Image: Inter Pipeline

Civil construction and fabrication activities at the $3.5 billion Heartland Petrochemical Complex advanced considerably during the second quarter, says Inter Pipeline.

Piling activities were completed for the propane dehydrogenation facility, with more than 3,000 in place, and concrete work well underway.

Fabrication in Alberta and globally is progressing on schedule and on budget including the approximately 90-metre propane/propylene splitter and an 800-tonne reactor, which are expected to move to the Heartland Complex site near Fort Saskatchewan in early 2019.

In the quarter, $153.5 million of capital was invested on this project with $279.3 million spent year to date. Inter Pipeline expects to invest approximately $700 million in total during 2018.

Once the Heartland Complex begins producing polypropylene in late 2021, Inter Pipeline expects to earn approximately $450 to $500 million per year in long-term average annual EBITDA.