​Alberta investing $1.5 million in new natural resources centre at Calgary’s Heritage Park

A new project at Calgary’s Heritage Park to showcase Alberta’s natural resources history has received $1.5 million in funding from the province.

The $10 million Natural Resources Project will showcase the history of Alberta’s oil, coal and gold mining legacies, interweaving Indigenous cultural themes. It will highlight “Alberta’s leading-edge technology and environmentally sustainable approach to extraction, refining and distribution of commodities worldwide,” according to a statement from the province.

The interpretive centre will also look toward the future, featuring “immersive experiences [to] explore a world of alternative energy, as well as hydrocarbon and green technology, and will examine their impact on everyday life.”

The project will include construction of a new interpretive centre and the restoration of several existing exhibits including the Dingman well, oil storage tank, miner’s cabin and coal mine tunnel.

The project is not just important for Alberta, but for the entire country, Heritage Park CEO Alida Visbach said in a statement.

“Alberta needs to take the lead on presenting a balanced perspective on the energy industry: past, present and future,” she said.

The project will provide educational and learning opportunities to the public and school children through curriculum-based programming.

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