North America’s first major hydrogen-based energy storage facility now open

Image: Enbridge

Enbridge Gas Distribution and Hydrogenics Corporation announced on Monday that they have opened the first major energy storage facility using hydrogen in North America is now operational.

Energy storage projects are already deployed in Asia and Europe, but this is the first large-scale project in North America. It is expected to reduce energy costs for Ontario consumers.

The facility features technology developed and manufactured in Mississauga, Ontario by Hydrogenics and represents one of several projects selected by the Independent Electricity System Operator of Ontario for energy storage to deliver power grid stability and reliability services.

In the future, this technology could help reduce or defer the need for new energy infrastructure such as generation plants, poles and wires, Enbridge said.

The hydrogen produced could also be used for a number of purposes such as fueling cars and trains, and/or it can be blended into the natural gas system to offset traditional natural gas.

“Once this low carbon gas is injected in the pipeline it can serve multiple energy markets including building heating, heavy duty transportation fuels, and dispatchable power generation,” Enbridge said in a statement.

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