Terves launches intelligent frac ball and chemical pill line to deliver well control chemicals

Terves Inc. has launched of the oil and gas industry’s first intelligent frac ball and chemical pill product line.

Terves’ patent-pending SmartCore products utilize a dissolvable carrier, such as a frac ball, frac plug or other fracking tools, to deliver well control chemicals, including dissolution accelerators, gel breakers and wellbore clean-up chemicals at a precise location and controlled release timing.

SmartCore patent-pending technology enables independent control over wellbore local chemistry, the company said. Using chemical additions, frac ball and dissolvable frac plug removal times and byproduct solubility can be controlled, while greatly reducing dissolution time variability and sensitivity to chloride content or well temperature.

Instead of 72-128 hours, 3.5-inch diameter SmartCore frac balls are completely dissolved with only a clear liquid as a byproduct in 24-36 hours while meeting the same pressure ratings and performance standards as Terves’ standard solid dissolvable frac balls. When used with dissolvable frac plugs, SmartCore frac balls can significantly reduce the volume of solid byproducts (such as hydroxides), said Terves.

“SmartCore products were developed to address operator concerns over sand bridging and hydroxide restrictions that can form under some wellbore conditions, where inadequate clearance or fluid circulation occurs while using dissolvable tools, and to accelerate and control removal times to bring wells on-line faster,” Andrew Sherman, CEO of Terves, said in a statement.

“SmartCore chemical delivery pills can also precisely deliver chemicals down the wellbore for filter cake removal, acid treatments, gel breaking and other completion needs while maintaining completely benign fluid conditions outside the target zone.”

In addition, the company said SmartCore:

• Reduces or eliminates dissolution sensitivity to water source (brine, freshwater, brackish water, temperature)

• Accelerates removal and ensures complete dissolution

• Can greatly reduce or eliminate formation of solid byproducts, such as magnesium hydroxide

• Can precisely deliver gel breakers and filter cake cleanup chemicals to wellbore locations, and/or activate triggered dissolvable devices, without exposing the wellbore outside the target zone to harsh chemicals. The operator can specify timing or other (temperature, chemical) trigger to control release.