CHOA editorial committee/publication disclaimer

Oilsands mining project control room. Image: Joey Podlubny/JWN

The CHOA Journal is put together by a volunteer editorial committee.


Deborah Jaremko, JWN

Technical Editor

Gord Stabb, Durando Resources Corporation

Committee Members

KC Yeung, KC Yeung Canadian Enterprise Inc.

Adrian Dodds, Kaizen Engineering Inc.

Harris Naseer, PoreFlow Energy Consultants Inc.

Corrina Bryson, Simplify Complexity Inc.


The purpose of the CHOA Journal is to publicize the association's activities and provide an appropriate technical, educational and social forum for those employed in or associated with the heavy oil and oilsands industries.

Association publications shall contain no judgemental remarks or opinions as to the technical competence, personal character or motivations of any individual, company or group.

Further, technical remarks, opinions and conclusions expressed in articles published int he CHOA Journal are those of the author and are not officially endorsed by the CHO unless otherwise noted. Material contained in the CHOA Journal is intended for informational use only.

If you have any questions or comments about the CHOA Journal, please contact Deborah Jaremko at

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