​Restaurant bar at centre of tragic Lac Megantic train derailment for sale

Image: Trip Advisor/Chantal L

MONTREAL — The popular restaurant-bar that became a symbol of the deadly 2013 train derailment in the Quebec town of Lac-Megantic is up for sale.

Le Musi-Cafe owner Yannick Gagne has set the asking price at $2.5 million.

Nearly two-thirds of the 47 victims who died after the train derailed and exploded were inside the establishment at the time.

The runaway oil-tanker train was operated by the now defunct Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway.

The two-storey establishment with two outdoor terraces reopened in December 2014 _ some 17 months after the tragedy.

Gagne said at the time the new restaurant-bar would cost $1.5 million when all the bills were finally paid.

When he reopened, he had a staff of about 20, which was five more employees than before.

Only three of his original employees returned to work in his new business.

Gagne lost three workers in the blast and about a dozen decided to not come back.

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