​Encana CEO Doug Suttles moving from Calgary to Denver

Encana CEO Doug Suttles. Image: Encana

Encana CEO Doug Suttles will relocate from Calgary to Denver this year, spokesman Jay Averill confirmed to JWN on Friday following multiple media reports.

Suttles, who is from Texas and previously served as chief operating officer for BP Exploration & Production, succeeded Randy Eresman as Encana CEO in June 2013.

Averill said the move is "to balance business and personal," and "definitely" does not signal that Encana is going to move headquarters.

"Doug really splits his time between Denver and Calgary and the field and all over North America, so for 99.9 percent of the company, we won't notice a difference," he said.

"There's no change to the company, just a different place where Doug is living."

It also doesn't mean that Suttles is on the way out, Averill said. "We've got a five-year plan that he's keen on executing and fully committed to."