​Canadian oil and gas employment increased in October: PetroLMI

Oil and gas employment increased in October across Canada, according to new data provided by PetroLMI.

The industry employed approximately 192,400 workers in October 2018, up by 0.9 percent, or 1,700, from September and by 7 percent, or 12,900, compared to October 2017.

While the exploration and production sub-sector experienced a decrease of about 3,700 jobs month-over-month, the pipeline sub-sector experienced an increase of 14.7 percent, or 2,500, and oil and gas services experienced an increase of 3.6 percent, or 2,900.

PetroLMI says a low oil and gas unemployment rate of 5.29 percent suggests the labour market remains tight and below a balanced rate of 6 percent, which could impede potential job growth and overall industry recovery.

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