​Wavefront expands well stimulation campaigns in Saudi Arabia, Colombia

Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc. has started a well stimulation campaign in Colombia and expanded a custom well stimulation campaign in Saudi Arabia, the Edmonton-based company said this week.

The company’s original seven well Powerwave campaign in Saudi Arabia, with an approximate value of US$250,000, has now been expanded to 12 wells. Wavefront and its local distribution partner also have two additional Powerwave stimulations slated for completion in a second production asset.

It was envisioned that the original seven well campaign would be completed by the end of February. However with Powerwave Odyssey tool revisions that campaign is nearing completion ahead of schedule and it is now anticipated that the execution of the additional wells will commence the first week of February.

“The company is confident that consistent positive Powerwave outcomes will lead to higher Powerwave demand and anticipates that 40 or more Powerwave custom stimulations may be completed in the two production assets during Wavefront’s fiscal 2018,” Brett Davidson, Wavefront president and chief executive officer, said in a statement.

In Colombia, Wavefront is working with an unnamed major oil producer that has been active in that country for more than 40 years and has approximately 3,000 active producing and injecting wells in the country.

The Powerwave Odyssey Custom Well Stimulations (POCS) are being held in the La Cira field where there are approximately 1,400 active producing and injecting wells. The five well POCS campaign is anticipated to be completed by March-April.

One of the greatest challenges in reservoir stimulation, and a key strength of Wavefront’s Powerwave technology, is placing the treatment fluid where it is needed most, the company said. Better fluid placement with Wavefront’s POCS approach is achieved by creating high-energy fluid pulses that propel liquids deep into the reservoir.

The dynamic fluid pulses allow the treatment fluids to be diverted away from established flow paths – something typically not obtainable with other stimulation approaches. The technology’s growing track record of success is driving customer acceptance and demand.

“Increasing global demand for Powerwave is a key component of Wavefront’s strategy and we are very pleased to have this five well POCS campaign get underway in Colombia,” said Davidson. “We are confident that post-stimulation results associated with POCS will be as successful as the results generated elsewhere and will lead to a larger uptake of Powerwave by the client and other producers in Colombia.”