Trans Mountain emergency response plans updated following drills in 2017

Image: Kinder Morgan Canada

Kinder Morgan Canada says that it has enhanced emergency response plans for the Trans Mountain Pipeline following 20 drills held along the system last year.

Emergency exercises use mock scenarios such as a product release on water and or land or a storage tank fire and personnel practice deploying the appropriate equipment to respond to the scenario, the company says.

Full-scale exercises include initiating an incident command post where multiple agencies, local first responders, regulators, government officials and First Nations groups are invited to observe and or participate.

Last year Kinder Morgan conduced full-scale exercises at its Burnaby Terminal and on its Puget Sound system in Washington State, in addition to 14 drills in the field and four classroom exercises.

At Burnaby, the scenario involved a hypothetical 700-barrel spill caused by a truck backing into a pipeline manifold.

Emergency response plans have been updated following this work in 2017, Kinder Morgan says, including the addition of emergency response equipment, revised incident command procedures including traffic control, meals and lodging, revision of supplemental plans including air monitoring and managing submerged or sunken oil, revised tactical drawings and emergency planning supplements for local stakeholders.

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