Ottawa to almost double investment in cross-Canada electric vehicle recharging and alternative refuelling network

The Government of Canada is increasing its funding of electric vehicle charging and alternative refuelling across the country.

Minister of Natural Resources Jim Carr announced $120 million in 2018 funding on Wednesday to expand this network “as part of the government’s efforts to encourage Canadians to reduce their carbon footprint.”

The investment builds on $62.5 million that was spent in 2017 to fund more than 100 electric vehicle fast-charging stations, seven natural gas refuelling stations and three hydrogen refuelling stations, as well as 10 demonstration projects, the building of another 200 “next-generation” electric vehicle charging stations and work with counterparts in the U.S. to create a Canadian version of the Alternative Fueling Staion Locator Map.

The new funding will support the deployment of electric chargers, natural gas and hydrogen refuelling stations, the demonstration of new, innovative charging technologies and the development of codes and standards, the government said in a statement.