Is change on the horizon for project delivery models?

Image: Waiward Steel

As the Canadian market faces $50/bbl oil, stakeholders in the project delivery chain recognize that business models and processes need to change to be competitive, reduce costs and protect investments.

On June 7, 2017, JWN hosted an Inspired Conversation workshop, Collaborative Contracting: Achieving Globally Competitive Project Delivery Through Trust, that brought together asset owners and vendors to discuss the challenges and possible solutions in effective project delivery.

The dialogue focused around three key questions:

  • Why do silos exist between project partners and functions at work?
  • How can all stakeholders effectively collaborate throughout the delivery process?
  • How must contract models change so that producers and suppliers share a common vision of value?

Download the free summary report to find out how owners and suppliers can collectively work toward answering these questions and the important role that trust, communication and collaboration will play in contracting.

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