Production Plus launches HEAL System joint venture with Schlumberger

Calgary-based Production Plus Energy Services has inaugurated its joint venture with Schlumberger Limited that will see its HEAL System horizontal wells technology jointly marketed across North America. Schlumberger acquires exclusive rights to the technology elsewhere.

Effective on May 31, the joint venture began functioning globally as HEAL Systems. Production Plus holds a 50.1 per cent interest in the joint venture, originally announced in April.

“Producers are looking for proven solutions to reliably produce their wells as efficiently as possible over the entire production life cycle. Our mission with the HEAL System is to deliver those solutions,” Jeff Saponja, chief executive officer of HEAL Systems, said in a statement.

The HEAL System was developed to deal with production challenges faced by horizontal wells as a result of inconsistent multiphase slug fluid flow, damaging solids and excessive pump gas interference. Production through the life cycle of horizontal wells often requires complex and expensive artificial lift strategies. The HEAL System offers a solution to mitigate slug flow that enables fewer, and simpler, artificial lift transitions while lowering production costs.

With no moving parts, the HEAL System easily integrates into standard horizontal well completions and is designed to perform over the life of the well, according to Production Plus. The products in the HEAL System suite are designed to control frac flowback, extend the natural flow period, simplify transition between artificial lift phases, lower operating expenses, eliminate intermediate artificial lift and provide protection from damaging offset inter-wellbore communication (frac-hits).

The HEAL System has consistently achieved productivity increases of more than 30 per cent to over 100 per cent in typical horizontal wells across Western Canada and the United States, the company said.