Production Plus HEAL slickline system protects against offset interwellbore communication

Production Plus Energy Services Inc. has launched its Horizontal Enhanced Artificial Lift, or HEAL, slickline system designed to provide greater access to the wellbore, easier installation, simpler integrity testing and an economical protection solution for damaging offset interwellbore communication or frac-hits.

The new HEAL slickline system, part of a set of HEAL System configurations that offer increased efficiency and more cost options, has the flexibility to enhance the performance of any artificial system, including ESPs, rod pumping, progressive cavity pumping and plunger lift through the life of a horizontal well, according to the Calgary-based company.

Horizontal wells are known to have production challenges as a result of inconsistent slug fluid flow, damaging solids and excessive gas interference and production through the lifecycle of these wells often requires complex and expensive artificial lift strategies, according to Production Plus Energy Services.

The HEAL system offers a solution to mitigate slug flow that enables fewer, and simpler, artificial lift transitions while lowering production costs. With no moving parts, it easily joins to the horizontal as part of a standard well completion and is designed to perform for the life of the well.

“In the lower commodity environment, producers are looking for options to help them operate as efficiently as possible. Our expanded technology is tailored to operator risk tolerance, cost environment and well configuration,” Jeff Saponja, chief executive officer of Production Plus, said in a statement.

“Adding the HEAL Slickline System to our product line responds market demand and the proven results of the HEAL System,” he added. “By commissioning these enhancements in our own product development horizontal wells over the last several months, we can confidently offer clients a low risk and highly capital efficient production improvement solution.”

Since launching in 2015, the patent-pending HEAL system has consistently delivered a 30-100 per cent, or more, increase in production, the company said. Production Plus is nearing its 200th install in over 30 formations with presence in all major North American unconventional liquids basins.