​Biggest in situ oilsands projects: Five years can change a lot

Steam and bitumen emulsion piping at Suncor Energy's Firebag SAGD project. Image: Deborah Jaremko/JWN

Five years ago, in situ oilsands production exceeded mining production for the first time – and it has continued to grow.

Since the end of 2012, in situ or thermal oilsands production has increased by 67 percent, from 848,247 bbls/d to a record 1,413,041 bbls/d as of October 2017.

The vast majority of that production is driven by a handful of the industry’s largest projects, and their order has changed in the last five years thanks to the completion of major expansions.

Here’s a look, using data from the Daily Oil Bulletin’s Canadian Oilsands Navigator.

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