Ottawa will not intervene in NEB Burnaby proceeding

Natural Resources minister Jim Carr, right, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Flickr/Justin Trudeau

While the federal government says it fully supports the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, it will not be participating in a proceeding where the National Energy Board (NEB) will consider whether Kinder Morgan can proceed on construction without permits from the City of Burnaby.

The Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan governments plan to submit arguments on the constitutional issue, but a spokesman for Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr says Ottawa will not do the same.

“The Attorney General of Canada does not traditionally intervene in front of federal tribunals,” Alexandre Deslongchamps said in an email.

“We have approved this project. We want it to pursue. We think this project is good for Canada and good for all parts of Canada and we have not backed away from that judgment,” he added.

“We don't think that anything has changed. We think the same reasons that led to the approval exist today. We think it's a project that's good for our country, that it expands export markets, it creates jobs and we fully support it.”