CO2 Solutions continues to consolidate with competitors in bid for Carbon XPrize

Image: CO2 Solutions Inc

Carbon capture technology developer CO2 Solutions Inc. said it will separately partner with carbon utilization companies Hago Energetics Inc. and Breathe Applied Sciences Private Limited in the Carbon XPRIZE competition, bringing to six the number of entries the Quebec City-based company is now involved in.

Hago Energetics from Thousand Oaks, California, has developed a technology that converts CO2 from power plants into activated carbon, biochar and renewable fuels using energy from biomass.

Breathe Applied Sciences from Bangalore, India, has developed a technology that converts CO2 into value-added products such as methanol.

CO2 Solutions, which was advanced to the second round of the Carbon XPRIZE challenge last year for its CO2 capture technology, can team up with other semi-finalists offering a CO2 utilization technology only. CO2 Solutions and its combined-entry partner would share equally any prize money that may be awarded to this joint entry.

The company has two of its own entries converting CO2 into biofuels from coal and from natural gas flue gas streams. It has also partnered with Montreal's Carbicrete Inc., which has developed technology that allows manufacturers to produce carbon-negative concrete, and with Team CERT, a team of researchers affiliated with the University of Toronto that developed a catalyst to transform CO2 into carbon monoxide, an industrial gas central to the purification of metals from ores.

The three-round Carbon XPRIZE competition, which aims to advance technologies that convert CO2 into valuable products, has a total prize purse of $20 million. The 4.5-year competition sponsored by U.S. utility NRG and Canada's Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) runs to 2020.