​OSUM looks to reduce SAGD water costs with “rapid deployment” Veolia crystallizer

SAGD pipelines at OSUM's Orion SAGD project. Image: Deborah Jaremko/JWN

In a move to reduce water treatment costs and recover more water for steam injection at the Orion SAGD project, OSUM Oil Sands has contracted a new system from Veolia Water Technologies.

Located in the Cold Lake oilsands region, Orion was commissioned by Shell Canada in 2007 and purchased by OSUM in 2014. It currently produces about 8,000 bbls/d.

The facility uses a crystallization system in order to minimize evaporator blowdown waste.

Veolia says OSUM is buying its modular bulldozer design crystallizer, which is expected to reduce the project’s operating costs. The system is projected to result in up to 80 percent less wastewater disposal, six fewer trucks per day on the road and about 560,000 barrels of additional water recycled annually for steam generation.

Veolia says the installation will be executed “several months faster” than conventional systems due to its modular design.

“The philosophy of the modular bulldozer is to minimize fieldwork to the greatest extent possible,” Veolia said in a statement.

“It is designed to be relocatable and can be installed and fully commissioned in approximately four weeks. Welded connections have been eliminated and ship-loose items have been minimized the greatest extent possible. This highly modularized concept is perfect for rapid deployment remediation.”

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