​Fotech introduces pioneering LivePIPE pipeline monitoring solution

Image: Fotech Solutions

Fotech Solutions will be showcasing its sophisticated LivePIPE monitoring solution, which provides operators with the information to anticipate, pinpoint and respond to malicious attacks, accidental damage caused by industrial activity and potential leak incidents, at the biennial International Pipeline Exposition in Calgary next week.

“LivePIPE is a vital technology for achieving a zero incident pipeline environment,” commented Chris Shannon, chief executive officer, Fotech Solutions. “While North America is one of the most mature pipeline markets in the world, there remains a huge opportunity for operators to improve their safety and security measures.

“Our LivePIPE solution gives operators continuous visibility of pipeline integrity threats across an entire pipeline network. When integrated with existing monitoring systems it enables operators to better direct and co-ordinate their security and monitoring resources, manage their responses to incidents more effectively and react in a timely manner before incidents become expensive disasters.”

The LivePIPE solution, using Fotech’s DAS technology, connects directly into an operator’s fibre optic network, converting a standard optical fibre, which is attached or adjacent to the pipeline, into tens of thousands of highly sensitive vibrational sensors. When vibrations from TPI or leak events disturb the fibre, LivePIPE can accurately identify and locate potential threats in real-time.