PTAC's new goal: help cut methane venting and flaring by 80% - economically

Image: JWN

Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) has set its sights on advancing technologies that dramatically reduce methane venting and flaring by oil and gas producers in Western Canada.

"PTAC understands that the reduction of methane venting and flaring from Western Canadian hydrocarbon development and production activities is critical to our environment, and through collaborative applied research and technology development, demonstration, deployment and comercialization, we are confident that we as an industry will work towards a common goal of substantial emissions reduction while improving profitability," wrote PTAC president Soheil Asgarpour in his most recent message to stakeholders.

"We are combining our existing activities and new activities under an overarching program to economically reduce methane venting and flaring by 80 percent."

Asgarpour says that PTAC has worked on various programs that address the issue both past and ongoing, including the Alberta Upstream Petroleum Research Fund Program, Technology for Emissions Reductions and Eco Efficiency, Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions, United Nations Environmental Program, the Resource Emissions Technology Action Plan, and a new proposed program for the reduction of vented gas from suspended and abandoned wells.

"Overall, production and development from conventional oil and gas and heavy oil production results in significantly more methane venting and flaring than the oilsands," Asgarpour says.

In the Alberta government's new climate action plan includes a separate, targeted approach to methane emissions reductions.