Smart pig sensor technology for pipe inspection attracts Shell investment

An infusion of funding from Shell Technology Ventures (STV) will allow Rocsole Ltd to expand its product portfolio with a smart deposition pig sensor that enables deposition monitoring of an entire pipe network from the inside.

Rocsole, a Finnish company with offices in Houston, has developed technologies based on a patented electrical tomography platform. Its pipe sensor for topside and subsea pipes provides real-time information on flow and the deposition build-up in a pipe.

Once a deposition has been located, a measuring device for monitoring and identifying deposits from the company’s current product offering can be permanently installed in the areas discovered during the inspection, the company said in a press release.

With detailed information on pipe deposits, operators can prevent pipes clogging that can lead to lost production, costing millions of dollars in down time and from the use of chemicals to clean a blocked pipe. Deposition monitoring can also reduce the number of pigging runs required.

"Their tomographic imaging techniques mean that measurements can be conducted from inside the actual pipe without damaging or disturbing it,” said Geert van de Wouw, STV managing director. “Technology that can reduce down time and optimize production is critical for Shell operations, both for on- and offshore."