Cubility’s CubeLink drilling waste transporting technology maximizes drilling efficiency

Image: Cubility

Cubility’s latest technology, the CubeLink, is serving the purpose of transporting drilling waste in a cleaner, safer and more cost-effective manner.

Cubility’s first product, the MudCube, works to improve the drilling process with reduced mud and oil on cuttings.

The CubeLink can work with the MudCube, or any other shale shaker, to transport drilling waste on drilling rigs while reducing waste handling and drilling fluid costs and remaining environmentally friendly.

With the MudCube and CubeLink combined, Cubility works to provide the complete package for greater drilling efficiency.

“For many years, existing technologies have struggled to transport drilling waste, due to the variety in the consistency of the cuttings and challenges such as transporting dry cutting through a plugged screw conveyor and/or plugged blower/vacuum system,” said Even Gjesdal, chief executive officer of Cubility.

“This has had an inevitable impact of both costs and HSE. By bringing a disruptive technology to the market, such as the CubeLink, we aim to revolutionize the drilling waste management market through cleaner, safer and more cost-effective waste.”

Founded in 2005 based around the simple but novel concept that solid control and mud treatment no longer needs to be dependent on traditional shaker technologies, prevalent in the oil and gas sector since the 1930’s, Norway-based Cubility looked to a more efficient and environmentally friendly approach that provides significant operational costs savings; reduces waste levels as well as mud and chemical consumption; improves HSE; and leads to greater automation and operational efficiencies.

Since the first commercial sales of the MudCube in 2012, Cubility has received regular orders of the MudCube for North Sea, Middle East, Far East and South America drilling sites as well as the U.S. Marcellus Shale Play.