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End the endless paper chase with Spira Data's cloud enabled Operations Resource Platform

There is a technological shift in how oil and gas companies collect, track and store data as more shift towards reporting automation and digitization. Spira Data Corp.’s robust, configurable cloud-based ORPTM solution offers a paperless solution that enables collection of field data and transmitted effortlessly and seamlessly to the back office.

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Global M&A Review - Q2 2017

The total global spend on upstream oil and gas M&A reached $27.1 billion in Q2 2017. Evaluate Energy’s latest report highlights all the major deals and transaction trends around the world.

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Canadian Upstream M&A Review | June 2017

CanOils presents an overview of the oil and gas industry for June 2017, highlighting the biggest deals of the month and assets that have been put up for sale.

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Collaborative Contracting: Achieving Globally Competitive Project Delivery Through Trust

As the Canadian market faces $50/bbl oil, stakeholders in the project delivery chain recognize that business models and processes need to change to be competitive, reduce costs and protect investments. Alberta’s industry can apply learnings from more mature markets to dramatically reduce inefficiencies.

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NextGen LPWAN: Reduce costs and optimize production with IoT in the oilfield

Most oilfield assets are equipped with supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) which requires producers to collect data often in an ad hoc way. New remote-sensing technologies are offering the opportunity to remotely monitor production assets while gathering valuable, real-time data.

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Breaking Ground: Energy conservation and generating fracture complexity

With a better understanding of fracture stress, operators can promote shear fracture development without impinging on fracture development in successive stages. This white paper examines the rock stress after a stage has been stimulated and how that impacts fracture complexity, fracture surface area and reservoir drainage efficiency.

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2017 Service & Supply Outlook Report

The 2017 Service & Supply Outlook report will seek to understand the industry’s perceptions of the future, and explore how these have changed over the last year with respect to collaboration, succession transition, culture-shift, and technology disruptions

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Oilweek’s 2017 Top 100: More for less

Low oil and gas prices continued beating down the revenues of Canadian oil and gas producers in 2016, with this year’s top 100 companies reporting a combined revenue decline of $6.4 billion, or 10 per cent, from 2015.

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Download the 2017 Alberta-U.S Trade Summit Summary Report

This summary report captures the essences of two-day summit held on May 2-3, 2017. The two-day summit provided a forum for policy discussion, cross-border trade information sessions and panels on export success in a complex global trading environment —all with the goal of helping businesses identify and implement cross-border trade opportunities.

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Conquering the digital divide in the midst of the downturn

The recent downturn has resulted in significant budget cuts - forcing oil and gas companies to do more with less. Discover how to bridge the digital divide and harness the power of analytics to improve efficiency, decrease costs, and strengthen the bottom line. Download this complimentary copy of the Summary Report.

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What are the next steps to going global

The second Going Global Phase 2 report identifies immediate and long-term business opportunities that matched Alberta oilfield service expertise in heavy oil, unconventional resources and enhanced oil recovery in 10 countries. Get the tools and practical advice you need to expand your business in Export Markets

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Industrial internet of things: How to future-enable your enterprise

Learn the biggest barriers to IIoT adoption and how can we overcome them. Companies are facing increasingly complex sociological, environmental, political, and technical challenges. Canadian businesses will need to leverage Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to evolve operations and optimize efficiencies. Download the report and learn the biggest barriers to IIoT adoption and how can you can overcome them.

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Canadian Drilling Activity Market Analysis Q4 2016 Results

Rig Locator's Canadian Drilling report provides the Q4 2016 drilling contractor market share rankings, drilled wells depths and types, and producer activity rankings for western Canadian PSAC regions.

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PSAC 2017 Well Cost Study

Compare prices for all well cost services across Canada using PSAC’s latest well cost data. The data provides financial, geological and technical data on more than 100 categories of costs, plus detailed wellbore graphics for each well.

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CanOils’ Corporate Guidance Package

Interested in 2017 production forecasts and plans for capital expenditure for publicly listed Canadian oil and gas companies? The basic CanOils’ Corporate Guidance package includes 2017 data and final 2016 guidance in a downloadable spreadsheet. The more advanced package includes source documents and press releases in a downloadable zip file.

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Digital Oilfield Outlook Report: Optimizing operations to unlock the hidden barrels

You need to get JWN’s next insightful report in the Digital Oilfield series. It focuses on Predictive Maintenance and Production Asset Optimization — two of the most highly rated Digital Oilfield solutions for their ability to impact the bottom line.

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Canadian Drilling Activity Market Analysis Q3 2016 Results

Rig Locator's Canadian Drilling report provides the Q3 2016 drilling contractor market share rankings, drilled wells depths and types, and producer activity rankings for western Canadian PSAC regions.

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Going Global: Helping Canadian Companies Navigate International Opportunities

This comprehensive study targets oilfield services and supply companies in oil and gas that may lack the “know-how” but aspire to become successful global exporters.

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Mitigate Risks and Improve Efficiency Through Asset Integrity

Based on workshop findings, where both producers and pipeline operators collaborated in an open discussion sharing experiences, insights and best practices on the critical issue of asset integrity.

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Digital Oilfield Outlook Report #2: Improving productivity from the field to the fleet

With an emphasis on fleet management and field productivity solutions, the second Digital Oilfield Report provides recommendations that could accelerate technology adoption and enhance industry competitiveness.

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The New Project Era: Aligning capital costs with new market realities

A complete overview on the challenges the heavy industrial construction industry is facing and key strategies for improvement.

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Oilweek 2016 Top 100 Oil and Gas Producers

Financial tables from the top 100 Canadian producers, including comparative costs analysis.

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Producer Benchmarking Study

This summary report compares production costs of junior and intermediate producing companies including international and domestic players.

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2016 Service & Supply Outlook Report

A comprehensive overview of the current state of the oil and gas service and supply industry globally and within Canada.

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Cyber Security

Based on workshop findings, this document outlines the challenges of cyber security in the energy industry.

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Digital Oilfield Outlook Report: Opportunities and challenges for Digital Oilfield transformation

The Digital Oilfield Outlook Report: Opportunities and Challenges for Digital Oilfield Transformation, posits that the digital oilfield offers a direct remedy for slumping oil and gas prices with proven and adaptable technologies, enabling considerable efficiency within Canada’s oil and gas field operations

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