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Oilsands Review is the definitive source for information on the oilsands business. Its package of news, data and analysis is unparalleled, offering balanced and constructive insight into technological innovations, supply chain strategies, investment directions, project performance, and environmental sustainability.

Distributed to 12,000 industry professionals. Oilsands Review has four yearly editions. 

Editorial Themes for 2016/17

  • Cost reduction and operational efficiency
  • Technology and innovation
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Project delivery challenges and successes
  • Carbon and sustainability

These themes extend across all JWN offerings -- print and digital publications, data & market intelligence reports, and our special events & conferences -- and connect our award-winning editorial content with insight and perspective from industry leaders and experts.

Additional topics covered include: 

  • Mining, SAGD, upgrading, pipelines and transportation 
  • Investment: New capital projects, sustaining capital projects and MRO 
  • Environmental performance and sustainability 
  • Supply chain management, industrial construction 
  • Governance and regulation 
  • Market access 
  • Project analytics 
  • Personality profiles

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Oilsands Review is the desired placement for print advertisers looking to reach anyone and everyone working in the oilsands industry. Extending across sectors, readership includes downstream, midstream and upstream industries.


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Deborah Jaremko

Deborah Jaremko is the founding editor of Oilsands Review and jwnenergy.com. She joined JWN in 2003 following graduation from the Bachelor of Applied Communications in Journalism program at Mount Royal College. 

Twitter Icon@JWN_Deborah

Mail     djaremko@jwnenergy.com 

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